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Welcome to the CarTest Software home page. The following Java software products are offered. Brief descriptions are below. More detailed information for each product as well as ordering information is contained in the tabs at right. This linked list can also take you right to the order page for each product:

CarTest 2000

CarTest 2000 is a flat out acceleration computer simulation for automobiles. The program uses the specifications for an automobile to mathematically accelerate the car from a standing or rolling start until maximum speed is reached. The simulation is time-based and event-driven. That is, the acceleration times are not explicitly calculated but, rather, time progresses at small increments and the usual events that take place during acceleration: clutch dump, wheelspin, shifting, etc. happen in proper course. The acceleration times are arbitrary milestones that are reached during the car's response to these events. The included database currently contains data for thousands of cars.

For a complete description of the software functions please take the CarTest 2000 features tour.

Please try the software for yourself and run the CarTest 2000 online Demo using the link above.


JBallistics is a projectile trajectory calculation program. A database is provided for quick access to ballistics data for over 1500 cartridges and bullets. Different complexities of models are included ranging from a simple Vacuum Trajectory, a Point Mass Model, up to an advanced Modified Point Mass Model. Aerodynamic coefficient prediction models are used to provide the more complex inputs to this algorithm. Serious shooters can use the calculation functions to compute the ballistic coefficients for a number of standard drag functions using chronograph data. Alternatively, custom drag functions and ballistic coefficients can be derived from projectile shape parameters. More details about the software are described in the JBallistics features tour page.


FlightPlanner is a flight planning tool designed to make the preparation of flight plans quick and easy. Using supplied Sectionals and Terminal Area Charts, navigation plans are constructed with the click of a mouse. An included database of US Airports, Navaids, and Fixes automates the process of determining distances and courses between checkpoints. Performance data tables for various aircraft verify climb and cruise capabilities as well as fuel consumption. A US terrain elevation database is used to monitor appropriate altitude selections. Convenient aeronautical calculation functions provide additional flight planning assistance. More details about the software are described in the FlightPlanner features tour page.


FinanceMaster is a personal finance management system containing functions for financial analysis as well as recordkeeping. Evaluate the performance of your investments. Perform numerous financial calculations. Analyze a variety of alternative financial scenarios to assist with financial decisions. Keep track of checks written, credit card purchases, and activity in your investment accounts. Inventory your assets. Prepare and monitor your budget. Estimate your tax liability and compute capital gains for your return. Print a current financial statement. Numerous reports make it easy to know your finances. Security functions keep your data private. More details about the software are described in the FinanceMaster features tour page.