Pat's Motorcycle

Technical Information
Modifications & Accessories
Ivan's Jet Kit Installation
Ivan's Air Induction System Removal Kit
Holeshot Hi-Mount Slip-On Installation
Carburetor 4-way Crossover Equalization Manifold
15-Tooth Front Sprocket Installation
SpeedoHealer Speedometer Recalibrator Installation
Bar-End Mirror Installation
Kevlar Brake Line Installation
Undertail Modifications
Factory Corbin Seat Installation
Polished Clutch and Generator Covers
Front Lights Installation
Hugger Installation
Pro Grip Gel Grips Installation
Stainless Steel Screw Kit
Dual Horn Installation
Fork Upgrade
Cigarette Lighter Socket Installation
Mounting a GPS Receiver
Steering Damper Installation
Multi-Gauge Installation
Temperature Gauge, Fan Switch, LED Indicator Installation
Yoshimura Slip-On Installation
Frame Slider Installation
47-Tooth Rear Sprocket Installation
Yellow Box Speedometer Recalibrator Installation
Handlebar Adjustment / Factory Lower Bar Mounts
Deathgrip Forkbrace & Squire Scales Fork Protectors
Windscreen Tests
Tridon EP37 Flasher Relay Installation
Fastbagtm Installation
Flush Mount Front Side Lights Installation
White Gauge Graphics Installation
Adjustable Footpegs Installation
Blind-Spot Mirror Installation
Carburetor Coolant Bypass
Shock Upgrade
Headlight Switch Installation
Painting Side Covers
Service & Maintenance
Carburetor Assembly Removal Procedure
Oil Change
Exhaust Valve Maintenance
Idle Speed Adjustment
Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment
Throttle Cable Adjustment
Shift Lever Adjustment
Headlight Adjustment
Re-Torque Engine Mount Bolts
Fairing Removal
Workshop Tools
Clutch Cable Adjustment
Brake Adjustment
Suspension Adjustment
Carburetor Synchronization
Chain Slack Adjustment
Air Filter Check
Lubricating Control and Exhaust Valve Cables
Spark Plugs Removal
Front Wheel Removal
Disassemble Fuel Tank
Technical Specifications
CarTest 2000 Acceleration Simulation Applet
Miscellaneous Technical Data
Frequently Asked Questions
Modifications List

High-Res Photos
Holeshot Stainless High Mount
Yoshimura TRS-Race Titanium Tri-Oval
Touring Configuration Mode


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