Air Filter Check

Checking and cleaning the air filter is essential to engine life and performance. A clogged air filter affects carburetor tuning which results in poor performance and hotter running. Poorly filtered air can cause engine wear or damage.

The Air Filter is a Dry Element Type, Factory Part Number 5LV-14451-00-00.

To Remove the Air Filter:

Place Bike on Centerstand

Remove Seat

Remove Left and Right Side Covers

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Remove Tank

  • Remove Front Tank Hold Down Bolt
  • Prop Up Front of Tank
  • Turn Petcock to OFF
  • Disconnect Tank Vent Hose
  • Disconnect Tank Drain Hose
  • Disconnect Fuel Hose
  • Disconnect Sending Unit
  • Lay Tank Back Down
  • Remove Tank Bracket Left and Right Hold Down Bolts
  • Push Left and Right Rubber Grommets Through Holes
  • Lift Away Tank

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Remove Rubber Cover

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Remove AirBox Cover

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Lift Out Air Filter

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Inspect Air Filter, Clean or Replace if Dirt is Excessive

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Reassemble Bike

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