Brake Adjustment

Brake adjustment consists of the front lever position adjustment, the rear brake pedal height, and the rear brake light switch operation.

Front Brake Lever:

The front brake lever adjustment is done by pushing and holding the brake lever backwards then turning the adjustment wheel to one of five detented positions depending on your preference for the distance between the lever and the grip.

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Another article on Front Brake Lever Adjustment is Here.

Rear Brake Pedal:

To adjust the rear brake pedal height:

  • Loosen the 12 mm Lock Nut
  • Turn the 10 mm Adjusting Nut to Either Increase or Decrease the Pedal Height
  • Tighten the Lock Nut

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Rear Brake Light Switch:

After adjusting the rear brake pedal height, verify the operation of the rear brake light switch and adjust if necessary. The rear brake light should come on just before any braking action occurs.

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