CarTest 2000 Acceleration Simulation

CarTest 2000 is a motor vehicle maximum acceleration computer simulation. This Applet has been specially configured to simulate the acceleration of motorcycles. The program uses the bike's technical specifications to mathematically accelerate the motorcycle from a standing or rolling start until maximum speed is reached. The simulation is time-based and event-driven. That is, the acceleration times are not explicitly calculated but, rather, time progresses at small increments and the usual events that take place during acceleration: clutch release, wheelspin, wheelies, gear shifting, etc. happen in proper course as appropriate. The acceleration times are arbitrary milestones that are reached during the bike's response to these events.

You can change the bike's technical specifications as well as the mathematical model's parameters and see how that affects acceleration. However, because this is an Applet, you cannot permanently save the changes.

The CarTest 2000 Java Applet requires the Sun Java Runtime Environment and Browser Plug-in installed on your computer. This is available as a free download from Sun Computer. Also, make sure that Java is enabled in your browser.

Any questions about CarTest 2000 may be answered by checking the CarTest 2000 on-line documentation.

The Applet is limited to single motorcycle acceleration functions only, no comparison or track tests. Technical data and model parameters are included for 10 sportbikes:

Because of the large amount of information displayed on the screen, your screen should be set, at minimum, to a resolution of 1024x768 for proper viewing of the CarTest 2000 Applet. A setting of 1600x1200 is best.

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