Clutch Cable Adjustment

The clutch cable free play is adjustable at the handlebar lever end and at the engine end. The free play adjustment permits finger reach as well as clutch engagement region customization.

The Service Manual is incorrect as far as adjusting the free play at the handlebar clutch lever. The adjustment is a simple wheel which you just turn. The knob is knurled against a metal tensioner to hold the wheel in place and to generate a clicking sound as it is adjusted.

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To adjust at the engine side when the grip side adjustment is insufficient:

  • Loosen the 12 mm Lock Nut
  • Turn the 12 mm Adjusting Bolt to Either Increase or Decrease the Free Play
  • Tighten the Lock Nut

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In addition to the adjustments at the handlebar and clutch ends, there is a third adjustment position in the middle of the clutch cable. Reach just under the frame on the left side beneath the fuel tank and you will feel a lock nut and an adjusting nut.

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When determining the amount of movement of the clutch arm for a complete pull of the clutch lever the following comparison image can be useful. As you see the amount of arm movement is slight for clutch disengagement.

After having detached the clutch cable for any reason the tab shown in the first image here can weaken, possibly break off, and the cable may come detached from the clutch arm. I attached a small stainless hose clamp around the attachment point for extra security.

When replacing the clutch lever be wary of aftermarket levers that purport to be compatible with the stock lever but in actuality are not the same. The lever shown here resulted in unacceptable up and down play. Stick with the factory lever.

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Last Updated: 11-03-2005

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