Factory Corbin Seat Installation

I purchased a Factory Corbin Seat on ebay. This is the 'gunfighter' model. It is beautifully made of quality leather and is quite a bit firmer than the stock seat. Its design does place you a bit further away from the tank. The back of the dish is a little too far back for some but provides nice support for the lower back when you scoot back or are pressed back under acceleration. It's wider as well as taller by about an inch for a longer reach to the ground or additional leg space to the pegs. If you are tall then none of these is an issue. Corbin will customize the seat for you if you don't mind the long wait. The firmer rubber mounting feet seem to transmit more felt vibration for me when the engine is operating in the range between 6000-7000 rpm.

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200

Comparison Photo:

The Corbin Seat is about 5-6 lbs heavier than the stock seat.

For the rider, it is 13" wide x 14 1/2" long. For the passenger, it is 12" Wide x 9 1/2" long. The seat height is 32 1/2"

The price of the seat directly from Corbin is $299. To purchase the same seat from Factory dealers brings it up to $399.

The seat requires you transfer the locking bracket from the stock seat for installation.

Side and Rear Views of the Stock and Corbin Seats Mounted on the Bike:

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200

Side by Side Comparison, First the Corbin in Front then the Stock Seat in Front"

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200

Front and Rear Comparisons:

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200

Underside Views:

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200


From member 'eskort' of the Owners Association comes this comparison of the stock, Corbin and Sargent seats. Thank you for providing this.

The Corbin is wider and I felt the seating position is farther from the tank than stock or Sargent. With the Sargent, I can reach the ground -- I'm 5ft 10in with a 29 inseam, with the Corbin, I can reach it but only on my toe.

The leather finish is nicer on the Corbin, but on 100 mile + trips ( I just did both seats back to back), the Sargent was more comfortable FOR ME. This is a combo of ergonomics and the padding, but it would be different based on how you are built. I did seem to slide a bit more on the Sargent but this may change with time.

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