Modifications & Accessories

  • Ivan's Jet Kit
  • Ivan's Buzz Mod
  • Ivan's Air Injection System Removal Kit
  • Holeshot High-Mount Slip-On
  • Yoshimura Titanium TRS Race Tri-Oval Slip-On (replaced)
  • Revalved and resprung front forks by California Suspension Works
  • Revalved and resprung rear shock by California Suspension Works
  • Digital gear indicator, speedometer, fuel, coolant and ambient temperature, and voltage gauge
  • Carburetor Coolant Bypass
  • 15-Tooth Front Sprocket
  • 47-Tooth Rear Sprocket
  • SpeedoHealer Speedometer Recalibrator
  • Yellow Box Speedometer Recalibrator (replaced)
  • Carburetor 4-Way Equalization Manifold
  • Factory Corbin Ergonomic Seat
  • Factory Touring Windscreen with Tuning Fork Decal
  • Rifle 20 inch Touring Windscreen from Stan Duffy
  • LED Front Flush Mount LED's by Rabeet
  • LED Running Lights/Turn Signals in Headlight Pod by Rabeet
  • LED Running Light/Turn Signals in Rizoma Mirror Hole Covers
  • LED Rear Turn Signals by Rizoma
  • Goodridge Kevlar Brake Lines Front and Rear
  • Custom Frame Sliders from Jarzyna (Peter K.)
  • Frame Sliders on Steve Wells Custom Brackets (replaced)
  • Polished Clutch and Generator Covers
  • Anodized Billet Front Sprocket Cover from RoadDog
  • Super-Pole Adjustable Footpegs
  • Water Temperature Gauge
  • Manual Fan Switch
  • Fan-On LED Indicator
  • Dual Fiamm Horns
  • Headlight On/Off Switch
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Plug Adapter
  • RAM handlebar Mount for GPS
  • Factory Logo Blue Tag Reflectors
  • Ermax Rear Hugger
  • Front Shock Preload Adjusters by Steve Wells
  • CRG Bar-End Mirrors Replace Stock Mirrors
  • White Face Gauge Graphics
  • Pro Grip Gel Grips
  • Removed Side Reflectors
  • Metallic Silver Airbox Side Covers
  • Factory Blue Side Panels
  • Metallic Silver Radiator Guard
  • Throttle Rocker
  • Lockhart-Phillips Flush Mount Front Running Lights/Turn Signals (replaced)
  • Remove Rear Fender and Add Custom Undertail
  • Lockhart-Phillips Short-Stalk Rear Turn Signals (replaced)
  • Tridon EP37 Constant Rate Flasher Relay
  • Top Clamp Key Scratch Protection
  • Blue Bike Cover
  • Handlebars Slightly Rotated and Lowered
  • Factory Lower Bar Mounts
  • HyperPro Steering Damper (removed)
  • Blind Spot Mirrors on Custom Brackets
  • Schnitz Racing Mirror Hole Covers (replaced)
  • Deathgrip Forkbrace & Squire Scales Fork Protector Kit by Bill Jinks
  • Fastbagtm Luggage Carrier
  • Desmoparts Stainless Steel Screw Kit
  • R1 Tuning Fork Emblems (Part No. 5PW-2413B-00-00) Replace Decal on Tank
  • No decals on fairing
  • Slightly Larger Front Tuning Fork Emblem (Part No. GU2-U411H-00)

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