Oil Change

An oil change is recommended first at 600 miles (or 1 month) and then at 4,000 miles (or 6 months) and then every 4,000 miles (6 months) after that. An oil filter change is recommended at 600 miles, at 8,000 miles (12 months), and then every 8,000 (12 months) miles thereafter.

I went with motorcycle specific synthetic oil, Mobil 1 MX4T, and the factory oil filter. You will also need an oil filter wrench that fits.

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To change the oil:

  • Place Bike on Centerstand
  • Start Bike and Allow Engine Oil to Warm Up
  • Stop Engine
  • Place a Drip Pan Under the Oil Drain Bolt
  • Remove Oil Filler Cap
  • Remove Oil Drain Bolt

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  • Make an Aluminum Foil Pipe Protector and Place on Pipes Below Oil Filter
  • Place Oil Filter Wrench on Oil Filter
  • Thread the Socket Wrench Extension Through the Pipes
  • Unscrew the Oil Filter
  • Remove Oil Filter
  • Place Bike on Side Stand

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  • Prepare New Oil Filter
  • Inspect Drain Bolt
  • Inspect Crush Washer, Replace with New Washer if Possible, Part No. 214-11198-01
  • Place Bike on CenterStand
  • Remove Aluminum Foil Pipe Protector and Clean Pipes and Filter Area with Paper Towels
  • Reinstall Oil Drain Bolt, 43 Nm, 31 lb-ft
  • Install New Oil Filter, 17Nm, 12 lb-ft
  • Fill Crankcase with New Oil, 3.1 quarts with filter change, 2.9 without filter change
  • Replace Oil Filler Cap
  • Run Engine for a Few Minutes
  • Check for Leaks
  • Check Back Later to Add Additional Oil as Necessary to Desired Level

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There is a procedure provided to verify the presence of oil pressure. It is listed here but is impossible to accomplish. The oil gallery bolt is unreachable.

  • Slighly Loosen the Oil Gallery Bolt
  • Start Engine and Idle Until Oil Seeps Out From Around Bolt
  • If No Oil Seepage After 1 Minute, Shut Off Engine and Diagnose Problem (Oil Passages, Oil Filter, or Oil Pump)
  • Tighten Gallery Bolt to Specs, 10Nm, 7.2 lb-ft

1600 x 1200

From LJBakken of the Owners Association regarding the oil gallery bolt: "cut a piece of 1/4" square steel stock to a length of 1/2". Slip it in the drive end of a 1/4"-drive 8mm socket. Socket goes onto bolt. 1/4" wrench goes onto protruding square stub. Turn wrench. Watch oil come out."

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