Miscellaneous Technical Data

FZ-1 Parts List Excel Spreadsheet

Gearing Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

Gearing Calculator Executable - with permission of 'klyzhoft' from the Owners Association

Horsepower Curve Comparison Plot - Shows the horsepower curve with Ivan's jet kit and Yosh slip-on compared to the stock bike.

Modified Bike Theoretical Time to Speed Comparison Plot - Shows the acceleration curves obtained from the CarTest 2000 acceleration simulation with a jet kit/slip-on, jet kit/slip-on/15-tooth sprocket, and the stock bike.

Modified Bike Theoretical Performance Comparison Table - Shows various acceleration times obtained from the CarTest 2000 acceleration simulation.

RPM For Roll-On Wheelies - For the four bike configurations, full throttle, in 1st and 2nd gears, shows the rpm at which the front end will begin to come up. The weight distribution is the static value not including weight transfer due to acceleration.

Stock Jet-Kit/Slip-On Jet-Kit/Slip-On Jet-Kit/Slip-On
    15-Tooth Front Sprocket 15-Tooth Front Sprocket
      47-Tooth Rear Sprocket

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