Windscreen Tests

I have had the opportunity to test and experience three sizes of windscreens:

  1. The Stock Screen
  2. The Factory 'Taller' or 'Touring' Windscreen
  3. The Rifle 20 inch Windscreen

The Rifle screen was generously given to me by Stan Duffy.

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200
1600 x 1200

The stock screen offers little in the way of wind protection. The wind blast strikes you square on the shoulders, arms, and upper body. While fine for sport riding, extended periods of high-speed touring with the stock screen can induce significant rider fatigue.

The Factory 'Taller' or 'Touring' Screen (part# ABA-5LV03-00) is a nice improvement. It is about 2" taller and 3" wider than the stock screen. The sport looks of the bike are preserved and a significant increase in wind protection is provided. The wind blast is moved above the shoulders and the width of the screen protects the arms somewhat. An increase in turbulence and buffeting around the helmet is quite noticeable though. The price is about $80.

The Rifle 20 inch screen is by far the best for wind protection. It is about 8" taller and averages 4" wider than the stock screen. The screen is manufactured of LuciteŽ acrylic. There is a problem however. I am 6'0" sitting on the 1" or so taller Corbin seat and below 60 mph the blast hits me right in the neck and under the helmet. With cold air this is very uncomfortable, not too bad with warm air though. Interestingly, as the speed climbs to 70 mph the blast moves up to the windshield area. By 80 mph the felt air blast is vastly reduced and there is little felt turbulence. You could cruise for extended periods at 80 mph quite comfortably. Some have reported an increase in the noise level with the Rifle but for me the noise seems to have decreased. The decreased noise and turbulence encourages higher speed riding. The sensation of speed as compared to riding with the other windscreens is noticeably reduced and you find yourself riding faster. There is a little bending and flex with the taller Rifle, certainly nothing to be concerned about. The large size of the screen does alter the visual character of the bike, transforming it from a sport bike to more of a tourer. The riding feel is similarly transformed. The price of the 20" Rifle is about $110 for the clear plus $10 for smoke tinting.

In summary, the stock screen has little going for it. My choice for riding the twisties at moderate speeds will be the Factory touring screen because the neck blast is uncomfortable with the Rifle and I prefer the sport look of the bike with the Factory screen. But, for riding that includes extended highway touring at high speeds, the Rifle is my choice. I'll keep the Factory screen mounted for daily rides but switch to the Rifle for trips of any distance. Does anyone make an adjustable wind screen?

Comparison photos:

1600 x 556 1600 x 520
1600 x 834 1600 x 390

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