Flush Mount Front Side Lights Installation

The stock front running lights and turn signals are on stalks emanating from the fairing. They look somewhat awkward and, even though they exhibit a bit of give when pushed they can still be damaged in an impact. Although there are numerous aftermarket flush mount lights that can be uses as replacements, the selection with both running and turn signal lights is limited. I chose Lockhart-Phillips Flush Mount IV large lights. Smaller flush mounts typically are not offered with the 3-wires required for both running lights as well as turn signals.

I had installed these prior to the LED units described in the Front Lights Installation page.

I tried both amber lens, clear bulb, (part number 122-9706) and clear lens, amber bulb (part number 122-9710) models. The price for each is $19.95.

Replacement bulbs for the Lockhart-Phillips front lights are part number 122-9603 for the clear bulb, dual filament. The price is about $2.00. For the amber bulb, dual filament, part number 122-9607, the price is about $2.50.

The first thing to do is to remove the stock front lights. The first step is to remove the left and right fairing inserts. These pictures illustrate the procedure for the removal of the right fairing insert and show the clear flush mount already in place.

1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200

Next, remove the stock lights from the fairing.

One problem with the installation of front flush mount lights is the prominent lip that is formed in the outside of the fairing for the stock unit.

I first mounted the amber lens model. These pictures show the results. At this point I had not compensated for the prominent lip and the lights stuck out a bit for a less than true flush mount.

For a true flush mount, that lip must be ground down on the outside with a Dremel grinding wheel. On this left side I slipped a bit and scratched the fairing. No matter, the light is large enough to cover that up nicely. The second picture shows the inside of the fairing ground for a flush inside mount but this is not absolutely necessary. I did not do this and this photo was supplied by Curtis Clark who did do this step. The third photo shows the mount without a ground inside lip. The flexible design of the inside plastic pressure plate makes this possible.

To connect the wires, you must first expand the connectors on the lights so they will plug in solidly with the stock wiring.

1600 x 1200

After mounting the lights, connect the wires as follows:

  • black/white stripe on lights (ground) to black on stock wiring
  • red on lights (turn signal flasher) to brown (left side) or green (right side) on stock wiring.
  • black on lights (running light) to red/blue on stock wiring.

Here are the results with the clear lens model mounted on a ground lip. These are the lights I went with.

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